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BP Medical is privileged partner of some of the biggest industry leading brands.


The story of Marsden begins in 1926 in a small shop in London. Initially, Marsden was a supplier of retail scales for businesses of all sizes in and around London. Their ambitions quickly grew beyond those four walls. For over 95 years, both the British medical community and industry have relied on Marsden for reliability, accuracy, and value for their money.

Hermann Bock

Hermann Bock GmbH is characterized by a history of over a hundred years of successful company operations. Throughout ten decades, the company has consistently garnered attention through its innovative practices. With an extensive range of forward-thinking advancements and patented solutions, Hermann Bock GmbH has emerged as a pioneer in the healthcare market.

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Multi-functional, problem-solving, and comfortable furniture – for a wide range of businesses. Furniture as a strategic asset for spaces aiming to enhance well-being, productivity, and foster a thriving culture.


At Accora, their mission is to improve the lives of people. They draw inspiration from those they encounter every day – from caregivers and doctors to users and their families. Their dedicated team works tirelessly to understand the daily challenges individuals face and design the right tools to make their clients’ lives easier.

Otium Care

Otium Care specializes in creating chairs and sofas that provide true relaxation and enjoyment for your guests, clients, or visitors. They blend ultimate seating comfort with a modern and contemporary design, using robust materials and incorporating smart functionalities. Their belief is that everyone deserves a moment of seating bliss in any situation.

Mecam Group

For over 40 years, Mecam Group has been at the forefront of developing high-quality seating furniture, pioneering in the industry. Their core values revolve around personalized service, quality craftsmanship, and comfortable seating experiences. With their extensive knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm, they constantly strive to deliver the ultimate seating experience through continuous innovation.

As the largest seating furniture manufacturer in the Benelux region, Mecam Group offers a range of brands, including Mecam, Neo-style, Ligna, Otium Care, Indera, Moome, and Authentix. Each brand carries its unique look and feel, emphasizing top-notch quality and expertise throughout their collections.